Discover the simple, yet powerful solution for managing all of your customer information that can grow with your business and continue to meet your needs.

Powerful, yet intuitive, the system doesn’t require hours upon hours of training to be used to its fullest, so your company can go from installation to full integration at lightning fast speeds.

  • Add customers & contacts with just one click
  • Add unlimited records & contacts
  • Can interact with your external data sources
  • Easily manage follow ups, quotes, call backs and reminders
  • Manual input or integrate with your existing systems
  • Easy to view main screen
  • Create multiple tabs to display in-depth information

The CRM system can be easily integrated into your existing platforms to display vital information:

  • Existing Accounting system
    Last bill date, order number, spend & profit each year, credit limit, currency, over their credit limit
  • Email Marketing Platform
    Did they open that last email we sent them? Were they interested?
  • Customer Information
    When did you last call them? What products have they bought?
    The improvements it can make to your client service processes and sales functions provide
    a maximum return on investment to support your organisation’s growth goals.

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