Are you moving offices?

Do you need to roll out a new IT system? You may want to see what phone & broadband package options there are available to you as a business and you just don’t have the time.

Using MCITS Project Management Service for your next IT project gives you peace of mind that you have an IT expert on your team, taking the headache out for you.

We can take on any size project and we will treat every opportunity with the same high level of service.

What’s involved

  • Find out what you want from your IT system
  • Plan the project stages, assessing the business implications of each one
  • Coordinating the work of the project team
  • Monitoring the progress, ensuring costs, timescales & service level agreements meet the agreed targets
  • Adjusting plans to cater for unforeseen circumstances
  • Ensuring there is a seamless changeover to the new system
  • Finalising and evaluating all completed tasks
  • Keeping you up to date throughout the whole project through to completion
  • We will only sign off the project if and when you are happy

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